sharjah Fencing championships


the Federation of Young Men and women under the age of 17, in the three weapons foil epee and sabre  weapons, and the Al-Andalus sports hall, kicks off.
It is the first tournament organized by the Union of the game in the Year of tolerance, and is witnessing the participation of a large number of players who represent the broad base of Sunni groups of fencing and it is the second tournament organized by the Union this season for this age group that pays special attention It is the category of beginners and the first tournament was the season in Abu Dhabi during last October, and the organization of this tournament comes to devote the board of Directors of the Union to the young and the buds.

Mohammed Ghanem Al Mansouri, member of the board of Directors of the Union, expressed his pleasure to participate in all of this large crowd of students, children of UAE and residents of all nationalities in the championships of the Federation, and added undoubtedly the Emirates Fencing Federation headed by engineer Sheikh Salem bin Sultan Al Qasimi, who heads The Arab Fencing Federation also has a vision of spreading the game across Arab countries and caring for young people is a priority of the Union to spread fencing sport in the United Arab Emirates.
As for the tournament system, Al Mansouri said: It is for young men and women under the age of 17, in the three weapons of each category, girls participate in Aibia, fluorescent and cypress-as well as youth in the competitions of fluorescent, IAF and Sabir, and the finals are held at 5 pm in the presence of a large number of officials and interested In the game.
And about the clubs of the state that practiced fencing, al-Mansouri said: There are more than 12 country Club and specialized centers in the country that care about the sport of the game. Ed has become a strong young man and we aspire to double the number of clubs currently available.
The following clubs are scheduled to participate in the tournament: Al Dhafra Club, Baniyas Club, Al Wahda Club, Al Ahly Youth Club Dubai, Sharjah Sports Club for Women, Sharjah Sports Club and Baniyas club team, as well as Sharjah, Kalib and Al Ain Fencing and Modern skills and Dubai Academy For fencing and the Ministry of Education team.

Tournament equipment.
The Technical Committee of the Union, in cooperation with the management of the Al-Andalus Lounge in Sharjah, completed all preparations for the tournament, where 7 aluminum stadiums were equipped to accommodate the participants, and the chairmanship of the Technical Committee was assigned to Dr. Mohamed Atiyah to chair Musa al-Balushi, the jury is scheduled to participate The international rulers of the UAE to manage the events of the championship and they are Ashouk al Masabi-Khalifa Alzarouni-Sultan Mazmi-Omran el Balushi-Alanoud Mabrouk-Dana Shattaf-the Doleen from Arab countries and they are Hossam Galal – Dr/Menad Ghazi – Amer Al Natour – the Stadiums Committee
Calendar of events.
The tournament is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. in the Al-Saber weapons competitions for youth and girls, followed at 11:00 and half by the fluorescent weapon competition for youth and girls, and then an Aibia gun competition at 1 pm for young people and girls, and the final matches to be held. 5:00 pm.